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Welcome to Mity Wear


Our company, MITY Wear Inc.

develops, manufactures and sells the highest quality school uniforms, spirit wear, athletic and staff wear for private and public schools. Our factories have manufactured for and supplied some of the world's largest clothing companies as well as 76 major U.S. universities including USC, UCLA, U of Mich. and U of Texas. We also manufacture for most major universities across Canada, including UBC, U of Toronto, and McGill.

MITY Wear was established to address the needs of schools regarding the supply of school uniforms, team and casual wear. As parents of elementary and high school students, many years have been spent observing the inherent challenges schools face with the purchase and supply of these items. MITY Wear's business model was designed to address the following issues.

Issues for schools

1. Consistency of product changes as uniform suppliers purchase from various sources depending on price, supply and availability

2. Quality can vary from year to year and order to order

3. Cost - purchasing products from a North American manufacturer or through a "middle-man" company adds a layer of cost which is passed directly onto you

4. School fundraising


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